Experience the Benefits of a Guided Meditation 

  • Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations
  • Building skills to manage stress
  • Controls Anxiety by calming the body
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Increases feelings of Well-being.
  • Improves physical health and healing
  • Pain relief and management  
  • Fears / Phobias and PTSD
  • Enhances Self-awareness

How Hypnotherapy works

Hypno"Therapy" is a form of psychotherapy which uses relaxation, concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness or what is also known as "mindfulness." Hypnosis guides you towards feelings of clarity in perspective, helping you to attain the outcomes of those Goals you wish to achieve. Hypnotherapy helps you recognize more positive healthier life choices given this new perspective, with success- in achieving the outcomes of those Goals you wish to attain.   

* Select any One of our Complimentary Themed  Healing Meditations *


​​​​​What you can expect in any hypnotherapy session  

  • ​We begin by using Relaxation Sequencing (also know as Hypnotic Inductions) 

  • Physical Relaxation then begins by opening  the Pathway to activate Inner Healing for a Mind-Body Connection and enhance the ability to focus on mental images, abundant in the subconscious mind. 
  • We then follow with imagery and Visualization in our Guided Meditations intended to lead you down a path towards inner peace in whatever issues are misguiding you. 
  • Using imagery and visualization is Powerful as we tailor each Series for self-healing in our Guided Inner Journey.
  • We will then close our sessions to Future Pace you into you every day life- in your mind's eye- where you will observe a change in your feelings and perceptions
  • NOTE:   Our Sessions will last approximately 1.5 hours

All invited guests will have the opportunity to share their goals with the Counseling Therapist during a brief, private telephone Intake prior to their participation.  Following any one of our Guided Meditation series, safe group sharing of your experiences is always welcome!


​Guided Imagery focuses on visualizations in releasing tension / anxiety in the physical and emotional body.  Participants reduce stress as you nurture the body, mind and spirt by being guided to an inner sanctuary of deep relaxation where peacefulness exists. Regain a calmer insight and perspectives in your personal lives and in relationships with others with security peace and clarity and balance. 


Healing from Addiction to Wellness. Participants observe their lives through guided imagery as they uncover unconscious re-occurring, unhealthy patterns of unwanted behaviors. Using visualization and guided imagery to encourage change, self-esteem, personal growth and development.

First WEDNESDAY of every new Month ~ Call us for Details to Reserve your Space 
Choose either:    ​Morning Session 10 - 12 pm  *  Evening Session: 6 -8 pm

Meeting Your Inner Child 
Your inner child is the youngest and most innocent part of you. S/he is the truest and most authentic core of your being transcending the confines of your adult ego. Thankfully, it is possible to meet, befriend, heal, and nurture this sensitive and fragile part of ourselves. By committing to the process of self-exploration, "Your Inner Child" Journey helps you begin this vital work with fine-tuned gentleness, curiosity, and self-compassion and to experience life through new eyes in the here and now.