ALL  DEPENDS ON WHICH WAY YOU TURN THE GLASS! "


My name is Yvonne Testa and Welcome All who have come to visit my Website...

                                                                            I am a healing practitioner with nearly 25 years experience in clinical counseling,                                                                                           therapeutic interventions, CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and spiritual alignment -                                                                                 which essentially means returning back to a calming center- just like a Pendulum                                                                                             swing itself back to a neutral, calm position.
                                                                             I know & understand many persons have experienced some difficult and certainly many                                                                                 joyous discoveries along their path on this crazy Journey we call Life. 
                                                                            My own Journey, has led me directly onto this Path to serve the greater good and to                                                                                        explore the Purpose that Spirit intended if we wandered off the Path.

                                                                            My experiences in Clinical practice have shown me how it has been my privilege in this                                                                                  Life in having a front row seat, witnessing miracles unfold in the personal lives of so                                                                                       many over these many years in working with others towards achieving their goals.             


                                                                           My therapeutic approach combines my years of counseling experience in Clinical,                   Medical, Transpersonal (Spiritual) realms,  working with the issues of both men and women.  Not all all issues however are gender specific, but of course...sometimes, they are.  That being said,  I have found that any or all of all of these integrative modalities in treatment can be  highly effective - as One Glove Does NOT fit all.  Instead, each client receives a tailored personalized approach - according to their individual needs - in facilitating a positive lasting change in their lives towards whatever desired outcome they desire and wish to achieve in therapy. ​

  • feeling anxious or overwhelmed
  • finding yourself doing the opposite of what you intended
  • feeling angry, depressed or lonely
  • chemical addiction recovery and transition
  • codependency / relationship issues
  • the wounded inner child 
  • grief/losses suffered
  • feeling "stuck" in your life
  • having stress-related physical symptoms such as:
  • pain, tension headache, nervous stomach
  • compulsive behaviors, i.e., the addictive personality 
  • needing clarity and purpose in your life
  • confirmation - because sometimes, we just need confirmation and affirmation

My therapy approach differs from conventional talk therapy.  We discuss your situation, your needs.During our sessions together, you are invited to participate... suggesting what to focus on in your mind's eye and we will begin
the process of integrating various therapies called for during any or the next portion of your therapy  ​This process is a gentle and interactive one that is surprisingly effective.Always striving to create a warm, accepting environment to be Your Self, I invite you now to participate and allow me to guide you on a Journey to fulfill your hopes, wishes and life's dreams.