• Inner Child Work
  • Childhood Regression 
  • Past Life Regression 
  • Parts Therapy Conflict
  • Improving Sleep

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"When You Change the Way You Look at Things ...
​                                                                   the Things You Look at Change!"

When in hypnosis a person feels very relaxed. Breathing becomes slower and deeper, pulse rate is reduced, brain waves slow, and the metabolic rate falls and time distortion is often experienced as well. The conscious mind becomes a passive observer while the subconscious becomes accessible and open to a rapid positive change by reframing the inner dialogue it use to speak- which led to unhealthy or unwanted patterns of behavior which essentially, inhibited your desire for change.

Unhealthy patterns, or ‘habits’ occur when you engage in behaviors to which you do not devote nor pay any conscious attention to, almost like the hypnotic rhythmic movement of clouds passing overhead ~yet,.. we never really care to observe or notice.   Hypnosis helps you realize your unconscious patterns, blowing obscurity away, to open your eyes to new joyful rhythms of change. 


  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief & Trauma
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Stress Reduction 
  • Guided Meditation

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  • Addictive Personality
  • Goal Setting  
  • Smoking Cessation 
  • Weight Management 
  • Enhanced Performance 

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  • Pain Management
  • Dealing w/ Diagnose
  • Surgery Preparation
  • Self-Healing
  • Improve Health

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